360° Bar Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen

October 31, 2013

A view of the Luohu port from 360° Bar Restaurant on 31st and 32nd floors of Shangri-La hotel, Shenzhen.

G+ Store Shenzhen

October 30, 2013

G+ Store in Luohu, Shenzhen. It is both a cafe and a computer store, kinda like merging Starbuck with Apple Store. GIGABYTE is their in-house brand, offering mainly notebooks and tablets. You can bring a product to your own coffee table and test drive it there. Coffee, gadgets, and best of all, courteous staff.

CRBC Jazz Show at Mixc Shenzhen

October 29, 2013

CRBC Jazz show at Mixc Shenzhen. “镜距离•微公益” 快乐镜距离

Halloween at Mixc Shenzhen

October 28, 2013

Halloween costume, Halloween Partyware, Halloween Decorations, Haunted House Props, at Mixc Shenzhen.

Halloween at McCawley’s Shekou Shenzhen

October 27, 2013

Halloween at McCawley’s Shekou Shenzhen. The kids showed up at the Irish pub in Halloween costumn, intending to terrorize everybody for lollies. But they end up getting coffee sugar sachets instead 🙂

LuoHong Art Exhibition at Guan Shanyue Art Museum Shenzhen

October 26, 2013

LuoHong Art Exhibition at Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen. Exquisite oil paintings depicting captivating sceneries from around the world. Dates: 2013.10.23 – 2013.11.10 Venue: Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen

Nie Yongjun Nie Hefu Oil Painting Exhibition Shenzhen

October 26, 2013

Nie Yongjun (聂永君) Nie Hefu (聂赫夫) Oil Painting Exhibition at Shenzhen Art Hall (深圳艺廊), Shenzhen Bookmall. Nie Hefu is a graduate from the Academy of Art & Design (Painting majors), Tsinghua University, and he is the son of Nie Yongjun.

Liyuan Poets Society

October 24, 2013

Liyuan Poets Society (荔园诗社) within Lizhi Park (荔枝公园), Shenzhen. The spot that is showing the “Beautiful Shenzhen photo exhibition” is in fact the 200-meters long poem-corridor which is part of the Liyuan poets society. Poetry seminars are held there every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 11:30. And within the premise of the poets society, there’s […]

Beautiful Shenzhen Photo Exhibition

October 23, 2013

Beautiful Shenzhen Photo Exhibition (《美丽深圳》大型图片展 ) at Lizhi Park (荔枝公园). The photos are currently being displayed at poster boards at Lizhi Park, Futian district. This is a travelling exhibition that has been held in other parks in Shenzhen, including the Lianhuashan Park (莲花山公园), Bijiashan Park (笔架山公园), Bao’an Citizens’ Culture & Art Museum (宝安区群众文化艺术馆), Longtan Park […]

Autumn Wind and Dragonfly

October 23, 2013

Rollicking colourful events at gentle green lawns of Shenzhen. Kite festivals in all but name. 16 hectares of autumn fun at the Kite Square of Lianhuashan. High-flying exhilaration at the Memorial Garden for the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (深圳经济特区建立三十周年纪念园). Kids chasing dragonflies. Autumn makes your heart […]