Tomb of the Elder Monk of Dongshan Monastery

May 31, 2015

Tomb of the Elder Monk of Dongshan Monastery, a pagoda standing 2.45 meters tall at the West of the Dongshan Monastery. The monk died of injury after having subdued a spider demon at the site where the pagoda is.

Namo 南無

May 30, 2015

南無 (Skt. namas; Pāli namo) To take refuge in; submit oneself to, from to bend, bow to, make obeisance, pay homage to; an expression of submission to command, complete commitment, reverence, devotion, trust for salvation, etc. It is used constantly in liturgy, incantations, etc. especially as in namaḥ Amitābha, which is the formula of faith […]


May 29, 2015

A monk at the monastery. Dongshan monastery, Shenzhen.

The Four Heavenly Kings

May 28, 2015

The Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王), each of whom watches over one direction of the world, are seen at the entrances of Dongshan Monastery. They are known in Chinese collectively as the “Fēng Tiáo Yǔ Shùn” (风调雨顺), meaning good weather. The Four Heavenly Kings are: Vaiśravaṇa 北方多闻天王, Virūḍhaka 南方增长天王, Dhṛtarāṣṭra 东方持国天王, and Virūpākṣa 西方广目天王

Buddha Birthday 2015

May 27, 2015

Buddha Birthday 2015. 25th May 2015, Monday. The Buddha birthday this year was a fine sunny day. Unlike previous year, the lavish adornment of flowers circling the baby Buddha statue was not there.

Shenzhen Lawn Bowls Green

May 26, 2015

Shenzhen Lawn Bowls Green at Bijiashan Park. Tiger Bowls World Invitation 2015.

Jisheng Hotel

May 24, 2015

Jisheng Hotel, Jisheng Hotel, Guanlan Subdistrict, Longhua New district, Shenzhen. 龙华新区观澜街道 吉盛酒店 This is the centre of Guanlan town, and it is from here that you walk to the Guanlan Old Street (a hundred-year-old town), ancient temple, Red House (Gongyi Hotel) 观澜古墟、观澜古寺、红楼(公益酒家). The town of what is now Guanlan old Street was established during the […]

A Couple at Lianhuashan Park

May 23, 2015

A cinematic portrait of a couple at Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen.

Bougainvillea · City Flower of Shenzhen

May 22, 2015

City Flower of Shenzhen – Bougainvillea, a very robust flower that can be found everywhere.

MixC Colour · Neon at Night

May 21, 2015

MixC Colour · Neon at Night Louis Vuitton, MixC Shenzhen, China Resources building, Diwang, KK Mall, lighting up the Shenzhen sky.