Dinner downstairs

August 31, 2015

Dinner downstairs

Gentleman James

August 30, 2015

Gentleman James, Walmart’s beers by Shepherd Neame, the oldest brewer in Great Britain. Available at Walmart Shenzhen.

Bookshop Browsing

August 29, 2015

The bookshop browsing crowd at Book City.

Guo Xiaoxia’s Photo Exhibition

August 26, 2015

Guo Xiaoxia’s Photo Exhibition “我的父老乡亲——郭晓霞摄影作品展” Date: 2015.08.18 – 2015.09.06 Venue: Guan Shanyue Art Museum 展览时间:2015年8月18日——9月6日 展览地点:深圳市关山月美术馆 作者简介 郭晓霞,中共党员,1958年出生于山西晋城,研究生毕业,在深圳工作和生活。大学三年级选修摄影课便与摄影结缘。2012年12月加人广东省摄影家协会;2013年2月加人中国摄影家协会;2014年9月出版《我的父老乡亲》个人专題摄影画册;2015年8月在深圳关山月美术馆 举办《我的父老乡亲》个人专題摄影作品展览。 获奖情况: 2015年7月组照《家乡父老》获第十二届《影像中国》社会记录类银奖 2015年7月组照《鸟儿成双》获第十二届《影响中国》艺术癸优秀奖 2013年3月组照《太行乡亲》获第十届《影像中㈤》社会记录炎优秀奖 2012年12月组照《我的父老乡亲》获广东宵第24域摄影展铜奖 2012年9月组照《劳作的父老乡亲繊全围第六賊《群2杯嫩影艺术银赞 组照《快乐的渔民》获优秀奖


August 24, 2015

MAD CATZ OFFICE R.A.T – the Gundam or Optimus Prime of mouse. Bluetooth 4. Track on glass. 10 programmable buttons. Adjustable palm rest.

Gundam at Time Square

August 23, 2015

Gundam at Time Square, Hong Kong. Katoki Hajime Exhibition.

Inside the Urban Village

August 19, 2015

Inside the urban village nearest to Hong Kong, Shenzhen Chiwei Cun 深圳赤尾村. It is located in Futian district and stands on the bank of the Shenzhen River (map). During the 60s, many of the villagers went to Hong Kong and thus built family ties there. During the 90s, many of the flats were rented to […]

Shenzhen River • Luohu to Futian

August 17, 2015

Shenzhen River is the boundary river between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The total length of Shenzhen River is 37 km. This is the section between Luohu district and Futian district.

Guan Shanyue Art Museum • Atrium

August 15, 2015

Guan Shanyue Art Museum. They are adding some plants to the Atrium. It’ll be great it they put benches there so that people can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Grand Theatre Shenzhen

August 12, 2015

Grand Theatre Shenzhen, ICBC, China Resources Building, World Finance Centre, Shenzhen Book Mall