Guan She (观舍) Restaurant.

By Brian Au, September 24, 2015

Guan She (观舍) Restaurant.

The name of the restaurant is rather interesting, with Buddhist association.


She (舍) : shed, hut, Vihara (“refuges” used by wandering monks)

Guan (观) : “insight meditation” (to gain insight in the true nature of reality. ), Analytical meditation’ or ‘observation meditation.’ Examination (Skt. vipaśyanā) as contrasted to ‘concentration meditation’ (śamatha; 止, 定). Using previously-cultivated concentration to investigate a Buddhist truth, such as dependent arising or emptiness. To ‘discern’ or ‘observe’ the principle of reality; to see things as they really are.

Guan (观) is especially a doctrine of the Tiantai school as shown in the concept of 止观 (Skt. upalakṣaṇa, paśyanti) T

三观 threefold contemplation:

Three observations. These are:

1. the view of emptiness 空观, which negates mistaken notions of common-sense reality.

2. The view of dependent arising, which cancels extreme attachment to emptiness 假观 (also see 從假入空)

3. the middle view 中观, which utilizes either of the above but is not attached.

中道第一义观 contemplation of the (supreme) Middle Way

Contemplation of all things as simultaneously empty of substantial being and yet having conventional existence 空即假; contemplation of all things as ‘neither this nor that’ and beyond verbalization and conceptualization. Syn. 中道观





More pictures of the restaurant at Love, Shenzhen


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