Shajing Old Town

By Brian Au, January 21, 2017

Shajing Old Town, one of the oldest area in Shenzhen.

With Shenzhen Metro line 11 in operation, now it is super easy to get to Shajing 沙井, one of the 4 major ancient towns in Shenzhen 深圳四大古墟 (Shajing 沙井, Dongmen 东门, Guanlan 观澜, Shatoujia 沙头角).

What’s in Shajing?

Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) Ancient Tombs: Huang Shu’s Tomb 东晋黄舒墓

Qiaotou Ancient Building Complex: Qingping Old Town (Late Qing Dynasty). Yongxing Bridge (1662-1722). GuangAn Pawn Shop (Late Qing Dynasty). Old granary (1950’s) 桥头古建筑群:清平古墟、广安当铺、永兴桥、粮仓

Shajing Old Street, Oyster village, Old Temples 沙井老街、 洪圣古庙、天后古庙

And the attraction Shajing Wanjinglou 沙井 万景楼

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